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  • Josh Jones

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Character Photo :
Character Name :
Binkx Airedale
Character Backstory :
In 1912 Binkx was your average clown with the traveling show. More than anything he loved to hear the laughs and see the smiling faces of the childern at the carnival. After a tragic loss of his wife and son something inside him snapped, he turned to the bottle to drown his pain but nothing took it away. Years of depression took its toll on ole Binkxie and one night after the carnival in a drunken desperate moment he tried to take his own life in the darkness of his small travel trailer. He put a rope around his neck, kicked the chair from beneath his feet and as he swayed at the end of the rope he heard the voice of his long last son. The room grew darker and darker, a chill set in, and a fog rolled from under the door. In the fog he could hear voices of those who have gone before calling out to him, the voices grew louder and more desperate as the fog rolled across the room. Suddenly out of the fog stepped a dark mass of a figure, it reached out to him with a long bony hand. "Binkx" it whispered " we can give you what your heart desires?" "We can give them back to you.....For a price". Anything Binkx murmured as he fought to secure his last breath." A trade then my child", said the figure, We will give them back to you, but you must bring us more to take their place. Binkx replied "as many as you wish just please give them back. "As you wish" said the figure and with a sinister laugh it sank back into the fog. The next morning Binkx woke with a start as he heard someone calling to him. It was the voice of a child, his child. He quickly rolled out of bed and began to search but couldn't find the source of the voice. As he moved through his trailer he noticed it was older, dirtier, and falling apart, he thought to himself " how long was I asleep?" As he passed by a dirty broken mirror something caught his eye. In the reflection standing beside him was his son. He turned to look but no one was there. As turned back the image of his son was replaced with the dark figure. "You must bring us more" hissed the figure. Binkx now understood what he had to do. For years Binkx has traveled with many different traveling shows, from the circus. to carnivals, festivals, and even the occasional haunted attraction seeking out new victims to offer to the figure so he can once again see his lost family.
Character Traits :
Funny, Talkative, Rude, Deceptive, Demented, Schizophrenic
Why We Fear You! :
Binkx is charming, a real lady killer they say. He loves to play mind games. You never know if he is going to smile and tell you a dirty joke or knock you out to feed you to the darkness
Signature Scares :
Hey little Kid do you like candy........
Favorite Prop :
Catch Phrase :
I'm not that kind of clown!
Outfit Description :
Dusty old sports coat, ripped jeans with thermals underneath, patchwork fedora, big red nose