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  • Greg Lentz

Character Info

Character Photo:
Character Name:
Rellik Clown of Nightmares
Character Backstory:
I was a performer for a circus when the tent caught fire and burned to the ground. I was buried on the circus grounds. After several years the grounds were purchased by a new circus. During renovations my body was uncovered and i awoke from my dead "sleep". I found a clown and murdered him, grabbing his costume. I had to stitch up my face and then reapplied my makeup. Since then i have been wandering around from circus to circus filling my need for death.
Character Traits:
Why We Fear You!:
I carry a large bag full of various weapons and tooks used to kill. And i walk through the woods silently sneaking up on visitors
Signature Scares:
Sneak up behind and blow my horror horn....snatching you by your hair and sliding machete across your throat
Favorite Prop:
Horror light
Outfit Description:
White jumpsuit with color splashes all over....splattered in blood and covered in blood at the top